Technology before Education is unsorted...

The National Large Band Plan (Plano Nacional de Banda Larga) is a Brazilian government measure that has its merits, but is a symptom from a Brazilian habit very clear: it's better to extinguish fires instead prevent them.

This measure is comparable to others like ProUni and REUNI. They are attempts to mitigate a situation much graver and generalized in Brazilian society: lack of education. When I say lack of education, I am not saying there isn't access to education on the country. The indicators demonstrate instruction is wider, but what kind of education is given?
Before technology, even opportunities, the society must be educated. Education before technology is the right sorting. Informatics and Internet are too powerful tools to be available to unprepared people.

It is not the case to not have a plan to universalize Internet access and all information it grants, but the priorities are inverted. Where Internet connection transmission quality is better it is also visible there was a long time dedicated to population instruction.
Who does best use of tools is whom better knows techniques and possibilities. It is essential to create a critic and ethic population. The access democratization on Brazil also means a large amount of people without preparation and critic skills is going to gave access to a tool which cans be used in a malefic, even danger, way.
What kind of use to expect from these Internet users? It isn't absurd to conjecture only a increase on social networks access while educational and business opportunities would be marginal. In a country where lack of ethics and social accommodation are so remarkable, to give so powerful implement with even none legal set to avoid excess it is fearful.
The creation of these opportunities are fundamental. If only one soul is saved and has better and bigger opportunities of learning and business that action is already positive. What it is need to keep on sight is the price is going to paying on that.
It is a hideous situation: it is not good as it is on present and doesn't seem like these actions under implantation will do better. A large amount of people accessing Internet is a way to global integration, a step to form a worldly society more open, expressive and dynamic. Meanwhile a majority little educated is synonym to not elevated uses like piracy, abuses on free speech use, even so criminalization.
Much more than a technical instruction which could happen on schools, it needs a ethical formation of this users group. It is not only amplifies the access and prays to things sort out. To cross the finger doesn't solve it. Before technology, Education.
Maybe people have a vision too inoffensive about informatics and Internet. They aren't inoffensive and demand their part. Let's see a example: hardly someone let a loaded weapon on eleven or twelve-years-old person, but many parents allow their children of that age to have profiles in social networks which explicit ask their users to be adults.
We need to form a generation capable to understand what they should demand about Internet access, privacy, free speech, respect to public and private property before to give so powerful weapons on their hands.
When I say I think people should have license to use computer and Internet some judge me surly and meddlesome, but a lot of them wont give a car or a gun to a fourteen or fifteen-years-old young. And if they would they aren't people who I care which their opinion.
To universalize and democratize a quality access to world wide web, but without forget we are doing that with a population little educated and little ethic. Remember there is serious gaps on regulation to Internet use on Brazilian territory. We need to be aware to the price we are going to pay in human and social consequences.

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