[drops.log]: To pay attention usually pays the effort

That title is a bit vague but can get handy. I commented I got stuck with Facebook Real-time Updates API. The problem was incompatibility between my subscription and user authorization. I subscribed to users feed, but never asked them (myself in the case) for the auth to read their feeds. Of course facebook would never pass me content users never allowed me to get even with a offline access token. By the way, I haven't tried yet, but I am pretty sure you will need one to handle updates processing since the updates are mere announces, no content is delivered.

After, I needed to figure out what is going wrong with my JSP in google appengine. That was very disturbing since this part was working in my develop environment. The case was my fool attempt to save in the session an not serializable Object. Yeah. That stupid! Since appengine doesn’t save on session objects not serializable, but my local development environment does I did that silliness and tried to save the restFB com.restfb.DefaultFacebookClient.
In short I could have finished this coding stage two days early if I have payed more attention in the f*cking documentation. Other damn thing is I needed to revise the code I posted with Facebook Auth Filter. But that was to show me: To pay attention usually pays the effort.
That is all. Until next post, with more drops of logs from a Computer Scientist’s life.

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