[drops.log]:More, more, more, plus... Google+

Not long ago I dropped something about the Google+ API release. Well, they do not let any grumpy comments (like mine) get cold. They just released the Google+ Hangout API. Well, of course I need to take a look, make some tests, but I have to much to do right now (Anyone could help with Facebook Real-time Updates on app hosted in Google Appengine?).

They announced a lot of Google+ new features today 1, 2. What do I comment about all that? Google+ really wants to get in your pants pocket (Yeah, lame joke, I know, but I don’t speak English natively), purse, bag, anywhere you keep your smart device. I guess since Facebook is getting closer of Google+ best features it seems Google wants to attract the users by that thing they are always toughing, playing, even doing nasty things: their mobiles (What? Have you known about any nude pictures taken by mobile devices and spread over the internet? Ever heard of sexting? Other bad joke... I know, but sexting is nasty, isn't it? :$).
Jokes apart I guess Google is showing their intelligence and fighting in a place they can do great: smart phones. After all they have the droids in their side... (Enough of silly jokes, bye.)

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