[drops.log]:A definitive future to AI

I am going to start the Stanford AI course in October. I like AI concepts. People think about Terminator when they think about AI and that is plain dummy, I guess. But after this study hint, let’s go to what was in my mind.

Sometimes I wonder what is the computing future. I am sure AI and “smart computing” have a great deal in that future. When I talk about “smart computing” i am not talking about the magazine, I am talking about computers to guess nicely. When a system suggest me similar products based on my or friends’ statical behavior it is a good guess, smart enough. What could AI and smart computational guesses can do for us? Well, predict the future in computing is really messy.
What I know they wont do it, or at least shouldn’t do it is: think for the you. Ultimately, you should make the choices. They could suggest, but you should accept after reasonable thinking. Don’t think because Facebook suggest your friends classification that should be your classification. Amazon says your friends would like some gift, check out their actual wishlist, the one they choose the products, not one made up by their shopping behavior.
So, programmers out there, don’t try to make programs that think instead their users.

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