[drops.log]: Facebook, Pidgin, OpenID, and other chat frustrations

I started to use the OpenID from Google to access my facebook. That make less loginand password digitation. What frustates me is only initial facebook page can use it to login. If I access from a e-mail they send me that doesn’t work.

Since I configured that on my facebook my pidgin stops to access my facebook account to chat. I need to change the facebbook password to pidgin back to login. If that isn’t enough I can’t be logged on facebook chat in pidgin and disable the facebook web page chat. That is annoying I want only chat from the pidgin. I don’t want that little windows filling my facebook navegation.
I found out facebook let you select the groups you will show on-line. That is a great feature. Even more impressive since the Google+ enables you to hung out only to certain groups, but not separate your chat status in the same way.

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