So what?

I read this days about Google phasing out Windows internal use due to security concerns. So what? I like, really like, Google and their products, but I didn't understand the reason for such repercussion. I actually am disappointed it took so long for that.

Of course you should pay attention to security issues concerning Windows, but not because Google trumpeted them. Computers and Internet must be taken seriously and, of course, Windows has security issues. But, guess what. All Operational Systems have security issues and failures. Whether Mac or Linux (both POSIX).
It isn't even viable drop the general use of Windows. There is too many systems running only on Windows. It doesn't matter how many app are today on the Apple App Store or Android Market. The Windows's programs set is much bigger.
Maybe you have listened that your iPhone, Android mobile, iWhatever OS is safer than Windows. That would be truth. So what? It is not like Apple or Google have invented the light bulb. Their amazing concepts like “Sandboxing” and centralized application repositories are old news in Linux Distributions. Have you ever listened about apt-get, Synaptic, yum, and others? No? They are “Linuxes App Stores” and are around here for quite some time.
What matters little in the security field. It is a vicious cycle. The systems come out, the vulnerabilities are found and explored. New security features show up. New holes show up... And the main hole is somewhere is never going to disappear: the user. Murphy's laws fits perfectly here: if there is a way to user rip off the security barriers, he is going to do it soon.
Let's put it very simply: Google is doing that because it suit them better, it is better for their ecosystem, it doesn't mean the same goes for you. The great reason I don't understand the spotlights on that decision is really this: domestic users aren't going leave their comfort zone to try out something unknown as Linux. I sincerely hope no one people from Free Software is going to think it as opportunity to Linux grow and spread...
I would love to see people doing like I did: testing, finding and deciding what fits them best. I chose Ubuntu Linux, Google chose not-Windows. Google does even not care about OS. Their business is focused in the “cloud”. The Chrome OS is just a detour due to their current business needs. What better way to show that OS is not important than to make one proving it? So what? That is up to you. Are you going to quit Windows, just because Google is going to?

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